Where do you ship?

With a few exceptions based on local regulations, we ship worldwide. Unfortunately we do not ship to Alaska at this time.

How will my bike arrive?

Your bike will come in our stylish box and is ready to ride shorty after unboxing. Simply remove the bike from the box and follow our assembly video (YouTube) and/or follow the product installation instructions - trust us, you can do this!

Can I ride in the rain?

Yes! All Electric Bikes and components are protected against the elements.Ride in the rain and through puddles! Just don’t submerge the bike in deep water, it’s not meant to handle that. Like any bike, recommend storing the bike inside when not in use whenever possible, and to wipe down the the bike after a rainy ride to ensure your Electric Bike’s longevity.

What are the battery specs?

Our batteries are all 48 volt and come in a variety of amp hour (ah) capacities. Regardless of the capacity, all of our batteries look identical and sit flush with the frame of the bike. Our previous model had batteries that protruded from the frame. We have an 9.6ah , 12.8ah, and 16ah. The amp hours of a battery are the "gas tank" and watt hours are Voltage x Amp Hours. All of our batteries have the same weight of ~5 lbs.

Why is the speed of the Jansno X50 I purchased different from what the website says?

For safety reasons we have made a safety setting for the JansnoX50 factory, setting a speed limit of 25kmh. about JansnoX50 to lift the speed limit. You need to find the seat of the X50, remove the seat to find the control box and find a black and white connecting cable, which is used for speed limiting. Just unplug the cable to unlock the speed limit.

How far can I go on a single charge?

We get this question a lot! Determining an e-bike's exact range is complicated and difficult to put a single number on. It’s important to keep in mind that riding range for all e-bikes depends on many factors including...

- Total payload (weight), rider + gear
- Average speed
- Pedal assist level
- Throttle usage
- Tire pressure
- Hill grade
- Wind
- Road conditions
- Riding position
- Outside temperature
- How much you pedal
- Tire type
- Age of the battery

So... how far can you go?The range comes down to this: How much energy is required to move the bike at the speed you want to go? The mile ranges we list per battery size are the maximum our tester was able to achieve with. She road in optimal conditions, exclusively on level 1 assist, with no throttle usage. Depending on weight, amount of assist and throttle usage, range will be reduced.

How do I maintain my bike?

Like any traditional bike, standard maintenance will increase the longevity and performance.

1. Seasonal tune ups on your bike are a great way to keep it in pristine shape!

2. Dirt, precipitation and grime from the road can cause brakes to squeak. Using a residue-free brake cleaner on the disc rotor will remove any lingering dirt or oils. This will ensure perfect, noiseless braking.

3. Proper gear shifting will protect the bike's derailleur and chain and keep the shifting smooth. Be sure to always be pedaling but removing 90% of the pressure on the pedals during the shifting process. Never pedal backwards while shifting.

4. Rain, grime, rock salt, and dirt can damage the chain over time, and cleaning your bike and chain will keep it safe and in working order. Using a moist rag and non-corrosive biodegradable cleaners is the most ideal way to clean your bike. Also using proper e-Bike chain lubes will also aid in preventing corrosion.

5. Battery maintenance is also crucial in ensuring the longevity of your bike. You can extend the life and range of your battery by not frequently completely draining the battery completely.

If the batteries are being stored for long periods of time, it is best to keep the battery partial charged around 50-75%. In addition, it is important to make sure that the silver ring on the battery and battery holster is tight. This will ensure a perfect connection between the battery and bike.

How long does it take to charge an Lithium Ion battery?

Depending on the battery and charger type a full battery charge will take between 3-8 hours