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Warranty Policy

1. Warranty and Guarantee

The warranty period for ebikes is as follows. If the customer finds non-human damage within the warranty period, we will send the replacement parts free of charge.
After the warranty period, the customer has to pay for the replacement parts and shipping fees.
The e-bikes we sell are factory new regular products, all parts are the same as the original parts.
Please note: Second-hand e-bikes and modified e-bikes are not covered by warranty.

2. Warranty Coverage
ItemPartsGuarantee TimeSupport
Basic PartsFrame12 MonthsNatural deformation, open welding, desoldering and
fracture phenomenon, and quality problens caused by
poor manufacturing can be replaced.
Intentional damage, collision damage, and deliberate
damage are not covered by the warranty.
Basic PartsFront Fork Components,
Handlebars, Folding Tubes,
Saddle tubes
12 MonthsIntentional damage, collision damage, and deliberate
damage are not covered by the warranty.
Basic PartsTire1 MonthsIf the tire is punctured by a sharp object, the warranty
will not be given if there is a problem with the tire due
to insufficient tire pressure, passing through a speed
bunp, a pit, etc.Warranty only applies to issues caused
by manufacturing quality problems.
Basic PartsBracket, Fenders, Rear racks,
Pedals, Grips, Cranks Chainrings,
Front Hubs, Rear Hubs, Chains,
 Saddles,Plastic Parts, Brakes,
Brakepads, Brake Lines
3 MonthsParts damaged by collision, intentional damage,or
modification by the user are not covered by the
Electrics PartsControllers, Chargers, Main/
Auxiliary cables, Display(LCD screen),
 Frontand Rear Brakes, Accelerators,
Pedal Assistance Sensors, Headlights,
12 MonthsShort circuit, burnout, and performance failures causedby
poor manufacturing can all be replaced.
 Water ingress, artificially cutted cables, natural wear and
tear of brakes, and man-made damage are not covered
by warranty.
BatteryBattery Box, Battery Top Cover,
Battery Bottom Cover, Battery
12 MonthsIt can be replaced due to faults such as poor contact, power
failure, no power storage (Note: The warranty period of the
battery will not be recalculated, and the replaced battery
will be calculated according to the renaining date of the
warranty period). No warranty replacement service will be
provided for water or man-made danage.
MotorMotor12 MonthsCoil phase loss, burning, magnetic steel demagnetization,
falling off, wheel shaft deformation and other quality
problems cannot be repaired.The warranty will not be
given if the wheel hub is deformed due to insufficient tire
pressure, speed bumps, pits, etc.

The following conditions do NOT qualify for warranty:

1)Failure caused by the user's failure to use, maintain and adjust according to the "User Manual".
2)Users disassemble, repair and modify themselves, and failures caused by non-compliance with the rules of use.
3)Failure caused by improper use or storage by the user, or accident.
4)The cost of going to other repair shops for repairs without consent.
5)Slight scratches or damage to the outer package box caused by the logistics transportation of the accessories are not warranted.
6)Please contact us and obtain our written approval before sending any item back. Any products returned without acceptance will not be refunded.
7)Consumable parts are not warranted , including tires, saddles, plastic parts, brakes, brakes rotors,brake pads, brake lines, surface scratches, etc.
8) Only the original owner of an ebike purchased from Jansno's online store is covered by this Limited Warranty. The Warranty Period begins upon your receipt of the ebike and shall end immediately upon the earlier of the end of the Warranty Period or any sale or transfer of the ebike to another person, and under no circumstances shall the Limited Warranty apply to any subsequent owner or other transferee of the ebike. If you purchased your e-bike from other malls such as Amazon, Allegro, Alibaba, etc., this mall does not provide warranty service, and you will need to find the appropriate customer service agent for warranty service.

3. How to apply for warranty?

Step 1: Take a picture/short video of your question.
Step 2: Send a short description of the problem, pictures or videos of issue, order number, platform of purchase to
Step 3: We'll diagnose your problem and if it's clear what's wrong, we'll provide a solution.
Step 4: When it comes to issues that can’t be diagnosed in the first place, we will send you the troubleshooting files, it will need you to detect according to our detection method and provide us with the corresponding videos or pictures, and we will give a solution after receiving the videos or pictures.
Step 5: We will verify your order information and delivery address, and reissue the corresponding accessories to you.

4. Claims

All claims under this warranty must be made through JANSNO. Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim. Before making a warranty claim, we recommend that you contact our customer service team as there may be an easy solution to your problem. Valid warranty claims will be processed by JANSNO within one year of the first purchase.
A) Shipping Damage Claims Inspect your product immediately for damage. Shipping damage claims are extremely time sensitive. We will not accept shipping damage claims within 7 days of receipt of the product. Before you and the driver sign for the shipment, please take note of any damage to your product on the bill of lading. Take photos of any damage found and date the photos if possible. Keep all packaging and documents until the inspection process is complete. Report damage claims via a support ticket on our support page within 7 days of delivery to JANSNO.
B) Credit card chargeback If a credit card chargeback of any amount is issued against an order for any reason, and the customer still owns the product in said order, the warranty will be suspended until the chargeback is resolved.

5. Disclaimer

Riding any type of bicycle has inherent risks that cannot be predicted or avoided. These hazards can result in serious accidents, injury or even death. It is the rider's responsibility to know, be educated, and be prepared to ride in a safe manner.

JANSNO strongly recommends that all customers have their bicycles inspected and tested by a certified bicycle mechanic prior to their first ride. A thorough inspection of every component on your bike will help ensure the bike is safe to ride. JANSNO DOES NOT WARRANT that the brakes, shifters, motor, stem, rims, spokes, derailleurs, forks or any other component on the bicycle will arrive properly secured and adjusted.

Before each ride, thoroughly inspect the bike to ensure all components are properly adjusted and secured. the JANSNO WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR CONSEQUENCES ARISING FROM THE IMPROPER USE, NEGLIGENCE OR ASSEMBLY OF ITS BIKES. This includes, but is not limited to, personal injury, property damage, economic loss, serious accident or death.

6. Bicycle Performance Disclaimer

The top speed and range listed for each bike are estimates and are not a guarantee of expected performance. Many factors can affect a bike's performance, including but not limited to: PAS rating, rider weight, cargo weight, terrain type, slope, pedal use, wind conditions, temperature, and tire pressure. Under different conditions, different range and top speeds may be obtained from the estimates we have listed.

7. Contact US

Customer satisfaction is one of JANSNO's top priorities. We work very hard to make sure all of our customers are satisfied with their purchases. We will work with you to ensure the issue is resolved in the most timely manner.

 Given our willingness to help you, we do need your assistance, cooperation, and patience to resolve the issue. We strive to provide a respectful and friendly customer service experience and expect the same kindness and respect in return.

 Please email us at:
We typically reply within 1 business day.