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Jansno X50/ X70 Mid-Year Big Sale, Get $100 Big Code

Based on 256 reviews
Bike and battery

Very pleased with my recent purchase. And also very pleased with my bike. I have over three thousand miles on it.


Compré una X70 y estoy decidido a comprar un X50 para mi pareja…750w son suficientes, pero 1000w serían mejor para lograr un extra punch… Tampoco estaría mal que se pudieran añadir más accesorios extra a la ebike para personalizarla


Compré una x70 y voy a comprar una x50 para mi pareja!!!!. 750w son suficientes, pero mejoraría si pudieran subir a 1000w para un extra punch de potencia.

Difícil obtener más por menos!

Después de recibir , montar y probar nuestra x50 creo que es difícil obtener algo mejor por menos dinero. Mi hijo está encantado con su nueva bici! Gracias al equipo de Jansno por la rapidez del envío. Como únicos puntos negativos mencionaría que la autonomía es algo justa y que el asiento es bastante ancho y resulta incomodo para pedalear un buen rato ....por lo demás todo genial!

All is cool.

arrived quickly, new, high quality.

Great bike

Great bike with great power
I would recommend it

È perfetta, forse la sella andrebbe più morbida. Tutto il resto è perfetto


This thing is really fun use it every day getting one for my wife as well fas easy to manoover all the bits and pieces for safety solid as rock

It's a beast..

Impressive bike and I am recommending it to my friends. I am considering a 2nd bike for my wife.

Vélo X70

Très bon vélo rapport qualité prix, facile à monter grâce au vidéo sur youtube. Un petit reproche au sujet du support a bagage il est difficile de trouver un support ou panier comme sur la photo, i devrait être disponible sur Jansno.

Plugged right in and worked as it should

A Realy Good Deal

Bought 2 Jansno X50 bikes, love them! So much so I decided that I'd rather be riding than waiting for a battery to charge so I bought 2 more batteries. Best price on the whole internet! And they are good quality stuff, LG Technologies inside. Delivery was fast, what more can one ask for? Good quality, best price and got here on time. So now I'm off to enjoy the ride, no more waiting.

24 miles with pedal assist and mostly throttle

The X70 It's not quite as fast as the X50. I feel like with two batteries I should get more range. The X 70 seems to be more stable, but it's also heavier. I noticed several bolts like the seat bolts, and other things are not tight. If you buy the X70 I suggest you go around with a wrench and screwdriver and tighten everything Before you ride. If you're looking for something to pedal, this is the bike for you, if you want something with speed and power buy an E-ride SS.

Do not sell or distribute my information.

truly impressed

Easy to assemble.
Powerful enough
I have 225 miles on mine in 3 weeks this weekend I road exclusively off road and was very very impressed. Highly suggest.
Only negative is the control under the seat wasn't mounted to anything.

Awesome and quality

For now yes the bike is awesome, everything arrived completely fine in Spain Barcelona, but i will write soon about its performance


So I live in Canada and I bought this bike on a Tuesday and on Thursday, 2 days later, it arrived at my door! I was skeptical because the price was pretty low compared to other bikes in this class, but WOW, I can't tell you how happy I am. It only took me about a half hour to put it together. It's very well built and looks so great! It's a BIG bike! I had a small issue and Jansno replied to me in less than an hour and sent me the missing part, again, arriving in just 2 days. AMAZING service and the bike it way more than I could have hoped for. Disconnect the black and white wires under the seat for full speed and man, it really moves. I went about 28 km tonight before the battery was drained, so pretty good for 14AH. I'm honestly thinking about buying another one of these X50's to have at the house for when friends come over. Not exaggerating, this is by far the best deal I've come across in a very long time. I'm SUPER happy! Thank you for the great bike and for the excellent service. You guys are going to sell a pile of bikes if this is the way you treat your customers! Thank you!!

PS> I'll be doing a full YouTube review of this bike in the next couple of weeks so keep your eye out for that. I will also likely buy the X70 next and do a Tiktok and YouTube review of that one too as it looks pretty cool!

Happy Riding!

Super fun ebike! Easy to put together comfortable and so fun to ride!

End up getting a ruptured tube and messed up back motor wheel. After speaking to customer service they are sending me a new one. If your worried about breakage, they got you covered. The bike is really awesome too now that I will be able to ride it!

Très amusant! Donne limpression de conduire une petite moto.

¡Felicidades!...habéis conseguido una máquina espectacular, de diseño excelente y una gran ingeniería que optimiza increíblemente los sistemas electrónicos sobre en un geometría robusta y equilibrada... además de su versatilidad, comodidad y maniobrabilidad, hacen de esta bicicleta eléctrica de rueda ancha única en casi todos los terrenos... Pero lo mejor de todo es que es... ¡¡muy divertida!!!.

IT Racing

The customer service is absolutely amazing! Makes owning this bike worth every dollar!

I ordered this bike and it came in 4 days with no damage and when i took it out on a test ride it had very fast acceleration and i beat my friends in a race and it goes above 25mph. This is the best bike for this budget and the customer service helps allot when i want to know about the shipping and when i asked for information about the bike.